Today we made our first venture farther away from our place alone! Every weekend, there is a wonderful open-air market in a section of the city called Coyoacán, which is actually where the school I will be attending is located. It’s a decent distance from our place. We successfully navigated the Metro system (!) and then had about a 20 min. walk from our stop to the market area. Actually, we got a little lost on our walk but it was good because we ended up stopping at a librería (bookstore) to buy a Guia Roji, which was recommended by the Fulbright organization. It is a book of maps of the city and the Metro–completely indispensable!

Coyoacán is a beautiful, very quiet neighborhood, so it was a scenic walk (once we were going in the right direction!). There were tons of people walking around the market area enjoying the day. We made a couple of purchases and then had lunch at Sanborns so that I could have my long-desired favorite dish, chilaquiles. Sanborns is a chain here so I’m sure that I can find better chilaquiles elsewhere but since it’s the first place where I ate them, I have a soft spot for their particular recipe 🙂 Afterwards, we walked around some more and made a stop at the famous Café El Jarocho, a very popular coffee shop in the area. Jeff gave the coffee two thumbs up 🙂 I’ve posted some pictures of the square below:

We walked through this two-story area for awhile. They were playing music over the loudspeakers and lo and behold, Careless Whisper came on! For those of you who haven’t seen the amazing Sexy Sax Man parody video of this George Michael song, you must watch: 

More pictures–it’s so lovely here!

Jeff with his café from Café El Jarocho.


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