Toilet paper, cantinas, and clowns, oh my!


The beginning of this blog post is not for the faint of heart, so WARNING before continuing to read!

OK, so Jeff wrote a little before about my first day at the ENM but what he didn’t say was that after taking a metro that was too far away, not being able to find a pasero to take us to ENM and having to walk an extra long way instead, I get to school, find a restroom and there are…NO PAPER PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER. Luckily, I carry Kleenex. Anyway, I thought maybe it was just a fluke. But then again in a different restroom on a different day, the same situation. So, I wanted to know for sure what the deal was before posting about it. I didn’t want to find out that there was some magical closet somewhere to the Narnia of toilet paper in the school but as it turns out, public schools in Mexico do not keep paper products. It was explained to me that it comes from a sort of (antiquated) notion that students will waste it and use it to toilet paper things, etc. Well. As far as I’m concerned, that is no good reason! Nevertheless, I have no say in the matter so you will hereafter find me with a roll of toilet paper in my bag with flute and music.

On to more cheerful topics! Last Friday night, we went out with our friend Rebecca and a friend of hers from work, Rodolfo. We went to a fabulous taco place near where we live (and I ate A LOT. No really, it was kind of embarrassing.) Then, they took us to our first Mexican cantina. It was super full and we had to wait for awhile before we could sit at a table but we finally got one and when we did, we were serenaded with four songs by a singer that came into the bar with guitar and list of songs in hand. Apparently, singers wander in and out of the bars and cantinas selling songs to people there. And it gets better. Not only do singers do this, but also these other fine gentleman with cajas de toques. These are boxes with two metal handles that produce an electric shock. Yes, you read correctly. People pay these men to have an electric shock! Apparently, they’re especially popular at bars because of course, people have too much to drink and dare their friends to take the shock. Of course, it obviously is not enough to really hurt anyone, just apparently enough to give you a tingle in your arms. Still…I’m not sure I will be taking that dare! 

caja de toque

Yesterday, we walked over to Bosque de Chapultepec (Chapultepec Forest), a huge park across the street from where we live. The park not only has lots of room for walking, running, sitting, etc., but also has a zoo and several museums. We were attempting to go to one museum in particular but they are closed for renovations, so we went to the Museo de Arte Moderno instead. We really loved it! The exhibit we checked out was of Neomexicanismo art, most pieces from the 1980’s. It was very interesting. Museums are free on Sundays here, which is great and many people take advantage of it.

Museo de Arte Moderno


interesting depiction of Cortés

They had a piñata room!

However, before we got to the museum, we did have one other adventure. We were walking through the park, minding our own business, when we came upon a man dressed as a clown entertaining a crowd of adults and kids. Me, being an idiot, stopped to take a picture. Well, I still apparently can’t remember how much us gringos stick out because the clown almost immediately singled us out and drew us into his show, haha! Nothing too embarrassing really but he made sure to pair us with other people and tease us about it, lol. Jeff so kindly (sarcasm) took a ton of pictures of me with my partner (he had the camera, so I have no proof of his dance humiliation!) so I am including one of them below. As I have said before, every day here is an adventure!

Yeah, this was a tango. Kind of. My dance partner was a much better dancer than me!


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  1. I’m not sure that I’m a tango master by any stretch but I think it would have been possible to embarrass myself more, so at least it was respectable!

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