And then there was the day that we woke up in Veracruz


Yes, apparently that can happen.

Snow-capped mountain and city vista: Xalapa, Veracruz

After our long week at UNAM we had a relaxing Saturday, only to find out Sunday morning that I am scheduled to perform Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite this week with the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra. There is a hotel room booked in my name from Sunday-Saturday and the first rehearsal is 10 A.M. Monday morning!

So what do we do? Scramble and get ourselves on a bus to Veracruz, PRONTO!

The bus system in México is much better than in the US. There are two major bus stations in D.F., and they look more like regional airports than what we are used to with Greyhound stations. 4.5 hours later and we were in a car with the principal trumpet player of the orchestra (also Jeff) en route to our very nice hotel in Xalapa. Jeff has been kind enough to mentor and Sherpa us around Xalapa as we are once again los nuevos (Siempre)!

Day 1: Coatepec

Luckily, Mary E came with me for the first 2 days. After, she is going back to D.F. for her own studies and to take care of our kitties. On day 1, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel and then I went over to the state theater for rehearsal. Afterwards, we took a taxi to the nearby town of Coatepec, a scenic, colonial area known for COFFEE! Thus, drinking coffee was the first order of business:

Mary-E with coffee


Coatepec is also home to a central garden, historic downtown, shops, and many churches.


Like I said...lots of churches

There were lots of birds at the restaurant where we ate a fabulous lunch of mariscos (seafood). The restaurant is called Casa Bonilla, and boasts that it is on Coatepec’s most famous street corner.


Jeff told us that this area is funny because you can see a pine tree or rose-bush (not tropical) right next to a palm tree and next to a coconut tree!

it's kind of true

I also bought Mary E a song!


This song, to be exact, which is not only a traditional Mexican song that we like very much, but it’s also the name of one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Lawrence!

There was a statue in the square celebrating their independence.

Pidgeons don't respect history

When we came out of one of the churches, there was suddenly a little doggie in the threshold. Then outside, there was another dog perched out by a statue of a cross. In fact, there were lots of cute dogs “akimbo” in Coatepec.




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