I should label this post “Dessert pt. 1” because I’m fairly sure a pt. 2 will eventually come! Dessert is not what you think of when you think of Mexico, right? I mean, we’ve all probably had flan (not my absolute favorite but it’s OK) but at least for me, that’s all I knew about Mexican desserts. Well my friends, they know what they are doing here when it comes to desserts! Fortunately (or unfortunately depending!), we live just around the corner from a heladería (ice cream shop) and Condesa, which is a panadería (bakery). The ice cream at the heladería is wonderful and you really don’t need that much of it because it is super sweet. I’m not exactly sure what they do differently but it tastes much richer than in the U.S. Some of the flavors are similar and others are way different. My favorites so far are mantiquilla de fresa (similar to strawberries and cream) and choco chips (don’t need a translation for that one!). Jeff, being a little more adventurous than me, has tried a couple of flavors that we weren’t even sure what they were after tasting them. One of them definitely involved marshmellows. At any rate, here is a picture from the outside of the store:

This place is also open from fairly early in the morning until about 10:30 at night, making it always easily accessible!

Now for Condesa! The ideal thing to do here is to buy your bread/desserts/tortillas for the day, not in bulk like we often do in the U.S. Each neighborhood has their own tortillaría and their own panadería, so this is very convenient. Since loaf bread is not incredibly common here, the bread that you tend to see in the panadarías are rolls, croissants, and sweet breads. As far as desserts go, they have an incredibly large range including, but not limited to: cakes, pies, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, danish-like pastries, etc., etc. Really, I spend forever in there just trying to decide what I want because everything looks so good! Monday through Friday is a fairly standard spread of choices but on Saturdays and Sundays, they must triple their production because not only do they have tons of everything, but they also have many, many more varieties of everything! It is so much fun to just go in and look! It seems that a lot of people have family dinners over the weekends so they’ll come with their family members after eating and everyone will pick out their own dessert. It’s a neat idea, really and you’re getting everything you buy very fresh. Although these pictures do not convey the true wonder that is Condesa, here are some recent purchases:

Left to right: roll (which we buy to make sandwiches), cookie with a lemon filling, and the most amazing kind of cookie I've ever tasted (see next photo)

I need to join a support group because of this cookie, I am not kidding. It is a strawberry cookie with powdered sugar on top. I'm not a huge cookie person but this is possibly the best thing I've ever tasted!

Left: crossaint; middle: a sweet bread we like; top: some type of sticky bread (that I'm about to eat!); bottom: sweet muffin but with no icing

Outside view of Condesa


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