Veracruz Control


This is my FOURTH consecutive week of commuting back and forth from el D.F. to Xalapa, Veracruz, via autobús, to perform with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Xalapa.

OSX Tuba Folder

I now know the city a bit better (by foot), and I’ve formed friendships with some of my great colleagues in the orchestra. Personally, it’s been a thrill to play some Mexican music in a Mexican orchestra. I especially enjoyed playing JANITZIO by Silvestre Revueltas and, of all things, the American composer Aaron Copland’s EL SALÓN MÉXICO!

During my first week here, we performed in standard concert attire: tuxedos (for men, obviously.) For the weeks following, the dress changed to México’s alternative concert attire: a long-sleeved, white GUAYABERA! (This one is very similar to mine).

My guayabera looks like this one.

It was fun to go to the store and buy one, as I have yet to buy myself anything inherently Mexican since I’ve been here. It’s nice to have something to perform in here, and also to wear out to the cantinas.

As I mentioned above, each weekend I’ve been traveling by bus.

We travel in a bus like this

One of the 2 main bus terminals in el D.F.

The first weekend back (for us both) was a scramble to get our affairs in order, organize for the following week(s), and spend a little time together. In my second week here in Xalapa we played a series of concerts around the city called VIVE LA MUSICA, VIVE LA ORQUESTA.

An OSX advert

We performed for anniversaries of a large hospital and 3 city universities. In addition to the performance schedule, I’ve been doing a bit of teaching at the Instituto Superior de Música del Estado de Veracruz (ISMEV or “the institute”). Despite all of that activity, the REAL reason that I haven’t blogged in a while is because at the end of that second week I got really sick. I’m not sure that it was the REVENGE proper, but it took a solid week-to-10-days for me to feel 100%, and the general consensus is that, as a gringo living in México for a month, it was my time to get sick due to the different microorganisms that “reside” here.

Last week I was the guy with the Bert Reynolds 'stache

Next time: Xalapa weeks 3 & 4

Review of México City Phil Concert of Mahler’s Second Symphony

Review of a book about el D.F. by David Lida

And I always miss Mary E while I’m here in Xalapa, and the best is when she comes with me (last time because we were without water for 3 days, joy!)

Mary E relaxing at the hotel


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  1. See, this is how wars start. Montezuma gets his “revenge” on you, then you on him, and it goes back and forth and 10 years down the line you’re both sitting on the toilet and nobody can remember how this whole thing started. Just stay about it, buddy–you’re a better man.

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