Sunday, Sunday


Sundays here are great days to get out and do something in the city, and many people take advantage of that. As we have probably mentioned before, museums are free on Sundays and one of the main streets in the main section of the city, Reforma, is closed to cars from 8:00-2:00, leaving an ideal stretch of space for bikers, runners, and for people just taking a stroll.

Doesn't that just look like fun?!

Obviously, tons of people were out on this particular Sunday!

On a different Sunday, we attempted to go to a concert at Bellas Artes that ended up being sold out, so we explored the surrounding area for awhile. We found Chinatown, México City!

Chinatown is only a block long, but it's still cool!

We also discovered a new, EVEN MORE AMAZING, panadería!

We MIGHT have gone home with a few of these...

Nom, nom, nom

Last Sunday, we went to a chamber concert on the campus of Centro Nacional de las Artes, which houses several theatres, auditoriums, and the Escuela Superior de Música, the other large music school here in the city. The campus is pretty large and very colorful.

I mean, how often do you see orange and purple buildings?

I was a fan of the hedge designs.

The Auditorio Blas Galindo, where the concert was held.

I managed to snap one picture of the group before they started the concert. Incidentally, this is the same hall where I played for a new music festival two years ago!

Stay tuned for the next blog post-this Sunday, a really exciting outing–our first soccer game!


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  1. You know, for as lazy and as fat as we are in the U.S., I feel like Mexicans do a much better job with their leisure activities than we do.

    And Chinatown only being one block?? Ha! That made me giggle. Chinablock.

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