For those who are not familiar with soccer (or el fútbol, as it is called here), you don’t have to know Spanish to know when a goal is made–it is yelled pretty much as you see in the title above! Besides our first soccer game, we have had a couple of other GOLs the past couple of weeks!

First of all, Jeff gave a presentation on contemporary music for tuba for the Seminario de Música Contemporánea at the school a week ago on Friday. He rocked! It did not seem like many people had heard much contemporary tuba playing, so they really enjoyed it and asked lots of questions. And Jeff did it all in Spanish–he was so great!

Alejandro talking to Jeff before the seminar began.

Jeff during his performance.

Next successful thing: Jeff’s birthday, which was on Wednesday, Oct. 26! We did not do anything too exciting, but had a really nice day walking around and relaxing.

Birthday boy with birthday lunch!

Lunch was alambre de chuleta-pork cooked with peppers and onions--on tortillas, of course!

Obviously, there was birthday cake!

And finally, we went to our first fútbol game last Saturday! My grant organization is going to periodically organize enrichment activities for those of us here and this was the first one. We went to the Estadio Azteca for the game, which is more towards the outskirts of the city. We had to take the metro to the end of the blue line and then hop on a train to get to the stadium.

There were A LOT of people waiting for the train.

Estadio Azteca

I can’t even describe how many people were there! Walking into the stadium was completely overwhelming.

SO MANY people!

And just as many people to the right!

We had really good seats to watch Chivas vs. América.

Though we didn't really care who won the game, we pulled for Chivas (red and white) since members of our party were avid fans.

The fans were very supportive. There were fans on both sides that waved flags the entire game.

Go Chivas!

Go América! (Don't they get tired of waving those flags?!)

I am also wearing a Chivas jersey, which I dorkily bought before the game started 🙂

In the end, Chivas did win and the game as a whole was so much fun! We will definitely try to go to more games while we’re here. I’m not a huge sports fan, but watching soccer on TV is fun and it is even better live 🙂


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  1. Oh that’s a great photo of you in your jersey! You must be a real fan now. 😉 All in all it seems like it was a great week–exactly how birthdays should be. I have to say, my Cielito Lindo lunch wasn’t nearly as good as Yepts’ birthday lunch looks in those photos!

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