A Case of the “Lunes”


Lately Mary E and I have been joking that we don’t always keep track of the days of the week here. It’s not that we’re not working or we’re not busy, but time seems to pass at a slower pace, and the day does not necessarily dictate our activities as they did back in the states. We don’t even really have dreaded Mondays anymore, something that I don’t look forward to regaining!

Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!

For a number of reasons, Tuesday (Martes) ends up being our ‘Monday’ (Lunes), as it’s kind of the beginning of our week. This semester, Mary E has class, and so she is gone from about 10 or 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. When we first arrived, I always traveled to school with her, and I planned to continue doing so, but living apart for a month explicated how generally unnecessary that is. It is easier to get certain things done when we split up and multitask. We live in a safe area, and her school is also in a nice area, so the trip is fairly free from duress, provided that Mary E tries to avoid rush hour, where the Metro slows down to a crawl and resembles a sardine tin.


Mary E’s classes usually require a bit of preparation, primarily not only does she have to do the work, perform, and teach, but she also has to speak in Spanish. Nevertheless, she still does most of the cleaning around the apartment, but Tuesday tends to be a day where I do certain chores because she is busy doing the real “work.”

I try to have our meals for the week decided by Tuesday because, as we have mentioned previously, it’s MARKET DAY! We head over and buy our weekly produce. Each time we branch out into trying a few new things: dried chiles, mole sauces, dulces, and so forth. Later in the week we do have to make a trip to our local Superama (supermercado, owned by Walmart) and I also enjoy buying meat at the carnicería.

I'm Super, thanks for asking!

By the way, they use the word “super” often in México. Super tortas, Mini Super, etc. So now you know that México is super, thanks for asking!

Adjacent to the Superama is our lavandaría, or laundromat. We take turns going there 1-2 times per week for them to wash our laundry in a lavadora (washing machine) with our own detergent, and then we line-dry them at home. There, the secador (dryer) costs more to use, there’s only 1 machine, and it’s always in use, with a line. We sometimes hand wash clothing as well on our roof, where we have a hand washing station, but we haven’t been doing that as often. It’s not hard to do, but it’s very time consuming and so it’s worth the 20 pesos (less than $2 US) to use the lavadora.

We have a line to dry our clothes on the roof, but we also have a drying rack which we bought at Sears (they have Sears here, they also have Woolworth…hasn’t Woolworth been out of business in the US for years!?)

Come to Woolworth in México and Party Like It's 1999!

So as for Martes, otherwise (while Mary E’s out doing her thing), I try to get a good bit of practicing done, work, and other errands. My errands are usually small and consist of going around to little tienditas to get fresh tortillas, pan dulce, kitty litter, etc. And OF COURSE I love to get coffee during the day. Here, you order a café Americano, which is a shot of esperesso and hot water…it’s delicious!

She usually returns around 4, but dinner here isn’t until 7:30 or 8, so she has time to rest and do some of her own practicing or work. I anxiously await her return so that we can chat about the day, take care of pending issues, and relax after dinner, doing work with the TV on and having dessert. We might be doing that…right…now!



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  1. Jeff, you look creepy in that picture!

    And as far as the metro goes, I am sad to report that the picture is EXACTLY how rush hour on the metro can be here! It’s miserable and defies all thoughts or hopes for personal space!

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