Xico, Veracruz


Well, we went on ONE more trip to Xalapa this past weekend! Jeff had to go pick up his check from when he played with the orchestra there in September (no, he still didn’t have it yet and yes, it was necessary to get it in person since sending it through the mail is not necessarily reliable!). So, we headed out on Saturday morning, took the bus to Xalapa, and spent the night with Jeff’s friend Jeff, his wife Patti, and their son Julian. We had a great time talking to them and they had chicken wings for dinner. I have not had those since the States–yum! To make the trip last a little longer, we decided to get up on Sunday morning and head to the last place that we really wanted to visit in the area that we did not have a chance to before–Xico, Veracruz, a little town about a half hour away from Xalapa. Xico is known for the waterfall that is nearby, called Las Cascadas de Texolo. We went there first and had a wonderful time!

Las Cascadas de Texolo

The area around the falls is really not very developed and there are not a lot of signs. We eventually figured out that we could hike down closer to the falls, so we decided to do that.

This was the second observation deck that we got to.

We stopped at another bridge to take a picture. This was point right before the falls happen.

Look at that view! The hike was completely worth it! (Hey Mom, look at that bridge at the top of the picture--we had to cross that. I thought of you 😉

These "steps" are what we took to get down to the falls. Yes, that is just a skinny rope and sticks on the side. Scary, haha!

After we hiked back from the falls, we decided to walk to the town center of Xico to have lunch and look around. It was a lovely day and a great walk. Often, it looked as if we were really walking through the jungle.

There were banana trees everywhere!

Beautiful wildflowers

The view coming into Xico was lovely!

Wild poinsettias.

And just for good measure, one more shot since it’s just so beautiful:


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  1. I am so glad that you think of me when you are on bridges! Perhaps you are just a little more careful and proceed VERY SLOWLY! That isn’t really the bridge, is it–that little bit of brown against the blue sky with green on either side?!! If so, that is one place that I think I will forego seeing when we come!!! HAHA!

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