Rodrigo y Gabriela!


There were two groups that I REALLY wanted to see while here in Mexico, and I have now been lucky enough to see both of them! The first was Lila Downs (see here) and the second was Rodrigo y Gabriela, who Jeff and I went to see last night.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela are an acoustic guitar duo from Mexico known for their really fast, rhythmic style. Typically, Rodrigo has the role of lead guitar and plays the melodic material and Gabriela plays second guitar/rhythm section. What’s cool is that Gabriela’s role basically is the same as a percussion section, and she uses a lots of awesome techniques that are really effective. Both are truly excellent musicians and it was really, really fun to see them live! The concert was at the El Plaza Condesa, which is a theatre just a few blocks away from our place. The hall is apparently similar to many like it in NYC according to Jeff, who has much more experience going to concerts in those sorts of venues than I do. There was an area on the floor of tables where people could sit to eat/drink during the performance, but most people were in the huge open section in front of the stage. The place was pretty packed and it was a really fun crowd. If you have never listened to them play, watch the YouTube clip I’m posting below. I promise you won’t be able to get all the way through it without tapping your foot, head, hand, or just dancing around the room!


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  1. It sounds like the space was set up a lot like the Granada here in Lawrence. And she (Gabriela) reminds me of the drummer from Guster–how do either of them still have functioning bones in their hands?? I bet it was a really great concert!

  2. Lila Downs is one of my absolute favorites. We had her perform at Univ. of Arizona and she was going to do a residency activity for me that kind of fell through. I was at World Market and she called me on my cell phone–i have to say, it was really cool to get a call from Lila Downs 🙂

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