Preparaciones para Navidad


Like many of you U.S. dwellers, we are also in the midst of preparing for the holidays here in Mexico! Unfortunately for Jeff, I LOVE Christmas and always have, so he very nicely tolerates the music and the decorating and agrees to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah both 🙂 Actually, a couple of weeks ago, HE encouraged ME to go to a Christmas expo here in the city. (I’m pretty sure it was because someone told him there would be lots of food there but no matter…) It was very interesting and there was indeed a lot of food to try. There were booths selling foods and wares native to many of the different states throughout Mexico. We had a great time browsing and buying some gifts.

This particular booth was selling woven clothes. The guy was ready at the loom to make anything on request!

This lady was making pottery items on site. At the time I took this picture, she was making tiny jugs for the children watching her.

All the booths in the venue were set up as you see in the picture. If you notice, there are banners hanging from the ceiling that have the states participating in the expo.

Of course, decorating the apt. was completely essential, so we have been collecting all of the necessary things for doing this. First, a tree!

We set the tree up (no, sadly it's not real) and started stringing the lights. I stopped to take a picture of Jeff--he's doing a great job!

Schubert's favorite time of year is Christmas, and he feels compelled to be involved in all facets of decorating. And by involved I mean he tries to eat everything.

The finished product! We bought the tree skirt today in Coyoacán--now we just have to add presents 🙂

A couple of weeks ago when we were at Doug and Theresa’s for Thanksgiving, we noticed that they had found really cool piñatas and used them to decorate their apt for the holidays. We originally found very small ones but were still looking for the larger ones. We finally found the larger ones this past weekend. Now of course, we have seen them everywhere since! They are very popular and each one is a little bit different in color and design.

We hung the two little piñatas from the ceiling. Clearly, the cats are interested in the new decorations.

And here is the larger model! So festive!

Finally, we just bought a wreath for our door today. We got it in Coyoacán and the guy we bought it from says that is is made entirely from corn husks.

It has unusual colors but it is so unique!

We hope all of our readers are enjoying their holidays preparations as much as we are!


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  1. These decorations look fantastic! I had feared that you would be having a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas in Mexico (due to availability), but you guys did a really nice job. Merry Christmas! And a Festivus for the rest of us.

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