…and there are many Diegos in Mexico


Google Mural

You may remember encountering the image above if you hopped on the trusty, old internet on December 8, 2011 2012. Google dedicated their brand for the day to one of Mexico’s most famous artists/historical personalities, Diego Rivera.

THE man

Over the past months we’ve had the pleasure of viewing many of Rivera’s famous murals throughout locations in the city’s center, but in January we finally made the trek south to a very special site, the Diego Rivera Museum – Anahuacalli.

El Museo Anahuacalli

The site was breathtaking. In typical form, I hadn’t done any research on the museum before we went, and so I was extremely surprised (but also delighted) to find out that this was not just another art museum, but the entire edifice is a work of art in itself. From its picaresque (well, also picturesque) locale in a more wooded area of the city, accompanied by nopales (cacti, shown above), the museum houses Rivera’s significantly large collection of pre-Hispanic art and artifacts.


But what is most impressive is the structure: a gift to the Mexican people (and fortunately, by extension, to the tourists) that incorporates design elements and materials of the collected works, an antimimetic masterpiece.  We loved it.


Thus for good reason, there are many people named Diego here in Mexico.

N.B. I believe that the apostrophe in my title is correct. Even though “Diego” is not possessive, the apostrophe differentiates the proper name “Diego” from a fictional proper name “Diegos.” Hey, if one can name their kids Orangejello and Lemonjello (pronounced o-ránje-lo and le-mónje-lo), then “Diegos” isn’t too farfetched, or “Yepts,” for that matter.

According to the powers that be (Neil Oatsvall), the use of the word “many” makes the apostrophe unnecessary. – Yepts


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  1. Rivera’s work is so beautiful–it’s great that you guys get to see so many around town (beyond getting to visit this museum, which looks great). Again, jealous!

  2. It really is amazing to just look at his work. I feel like I could sit in front of one of the large murals all day and keep finding things that I haven’t seen before!

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