Can’t see the forest for the trees


At the beginning of this semester, Jeff and I made the goal of going to at least one museum every week for the rest of our time here. The time is flying by and there is no way we can see everything, but we want to make a concerted effort. However, life does get in the way sometimes and we have been bad at sticking to our goal. The last two Sundays though, we have tried to get back on track! Last week, we walked over to Bosque de Chapultepec (Forest of Chapultepec, the enormous park that we live by) in order to check out one of the museums, the Castillo de Chapultepec.

Aerial shot of the Castillo

The Castillo was turned into the Museo Nacional de Historia in the late 30’s/early 40’s but previously had several other uses, including as the home of former Mexican presidents. (Incidentally, in case you think it looks familiar, I just read that the Castillo was used as a set for the movie Romeo and Juliet in the 90’s starring Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio.)

The garden

Beautiful view of the city from the garden

There are murals in some rooms of the Castle

Cannon...picture taken by a Canon, haha

Very old carriage

This side of the castle also has a lovely view of the city. The castle sits at the top of Chapultepec Hill so you can see quite far in all directions.

We decided to return again to the Bosque this past Sunday to walk around and find something to do. Here are a couple of scenic shots we took while walking around:

On our walk to the Bosque--these purple flowered trees are everywhere now and are beautiful!

Jeff in front of the Niños Heroes monument at the entrance to the park.

There are always vendors!

After walking around for awhile, we decided to explore another section of the zoo that we hadn’t seen before–animals from dry/desert environments:


Unlike some of the other animals that were taking a morning nap, the zebras were running around being very playful.

It was awesome to see this hippo so close but let me tell you, he smelled really bad!

They had a very cool snake house but it was too dark in there to take pictures. Though you would certainly see the animals that I have shown at zoos in the U.S., the snakes were particularly interesting because with the exception of a few, they were all native to Mexico, so I had never seen most of them before. And if I see them again, I hope it’s only in the context of a zoo, because most of them were poisonous and looked scary!


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  1. I like zebras because they give me hope that, one day, all people might live in racial harmony like the zebras who are both black and white. Just kidding. On a serious note, I’m glad you guys are putting in the effort to go to these museums–lots of people live in places their whole lives and don’t realize all the cool things to do. (Goodness knows we visit NYC enough and barely see anything there.) Glad you are experiencing things!

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