“Tacos don’t look like tacos”


Soon after we returned from our Oaxaca trip my mom came to visit! We’ve been excited about her visit for a while now, especially because ever since I was a child my mom and I have always wanted to visit México! I think that 15 (or so) years ago when we were realistically discussing this trip, we thought more of crossing the border by car or public transportation and spending time in the north of the country, but now for many obvious reasons Mexico City is the logical destination.

My mom’s visit was very relaxing. We took our time and really enjoyed the sight-seeing, shopping, eating, traveling via public transportation, visiting some museums (Anthropology), etc.

In front of Bellas Artes

Of course we spent some time in the historical center of the city, and as a bonus we got to see some parts of the Cathedral that are usually not open (Mary E took photo documentation):

Guadalupe’s Chapel

My mom and I walked around Chapultepec Forest and visited the Anthropology Museum, which never ceases to impress.

Mom and the moon temple

We did a lot of shopping, visiting 2 markets: Coyoacán and San Angel. All-in-all we traveled on the metro, metrobús, and in paseros, but above all, I am proud of my mom for tasting lots of the local cuisine. We had mangos, papayas, and pan dulce for breakfast, arrachera, chorizo, enchiladas, tacos, etc.

Also, while dining and overlooking the Zócalo, for the first time we saw the military take down the large Mexican flag that overlooks the centro.

Rally round the flag

From a conversation on my mom’s first night when we visited a local taquería:

[Our order arrives: alambre de bistec and some assorted tacos al pastor and chorizo, to taste]

Mom: These don’t look like tacos! (referring to the small corn tortillas and above meat options, with chopped, grilled onions, bell peppers, pineapple (on the pastor), and assorted salsas and lime.)

Yepts: No, actually TACOS (in the USA) don’t look like tacos!


We had a great time and hope that my mom did too. We were sad to see her go, but glad that she got to experience some of our Mexico City adventure with us!


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  1. I’ll say it–that’s one gigantic flag. And have I said that I’m pumped to try some of your new Mexican cooking when you’re back in Lawrence in July?

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