What had happened was…


Well, we have been VERY neglectful of our blog lately! For those of you avid fans (if in fact there are any out there:), my apologies. We have been really busy with various things including getting our internet fixed, which was out of commission for two weeks; trying to leave México, which is becoming increasingly more difficult (no really, that is a literal statement!); and making plans for next year. More on both of the latter things at a later time 🙂

Besides those things, I have been busy actually doing what I came here to do! I have had a lot of performances lately and even more coming up in the next two weeks, and Jeff as well. More gigs with the rock band Mal’Akh:

On stage at the Fonoteca Nacional

Stage at the Film Club Café

And another solo recital, held at the Casa del Lago (House of the Lake) in the Bosque de Chapultepec:

View from the room where I played

We have also sadly had to say goodbye to some of our dear Fulbright friends whom we have gotten to know and spend time with during this year. Due to some conflicts, we missed seeing Liz once more when she left at the beginning of May:

With Liz in Xochimilco back in early November

But we did get to see Doug and Theresa before they left at the end of May:

Dinner with Doug and Theresa

And also Sara before she left at the beginning of June:

Sara came to my Casa del Lago recital!

We went to dinner with Sara her last night here in D.F. and we all tried something we’d never had before–helado de elote (corn ice cream)! It was actually quite good!

It even came in a husk!

And though we have not yet had to officially say goodbye to Chris, we did meet up with her and some of her friends for dinner and dancing/drinks. We opted out of salsa dancing after finding out how expensive it was so we just decided to go to a bar with some good music and have a great time, which we did.

Also, our dear friend Eric who was here in México in December returned for a visit, so we had a really nice time hanging out with him.

At El Colegio Nacional for a concert

Right now, the Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez is being held in D.F. It is an international festival of new music that happens here every year. Jeff and I both submitted applications to perform in this festival and were accepted. Jeff had his recital this past Wednesday, June 13, and he was awesome!! My concert is tomorrow so I am a little nervous, but looking forward to it. Jeff will write more about the Foro later but in the meantime, check out programs 8 and 17!



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  1. I’m a big fan! I hear you two are making a multi-state tour this summer. I plan to get autographs. Enjoy your last few weeks and PLEASE travel safely.

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